90% of our management staff is promoted in house. This shows our ability to reveal each team’s best talents.

Today's Manager is yesterday's Advisor
Why not you ?

  • Success stories

    They have all started as a Customer Advisor !

    14 years ago, while I was still a student, I was longing for a part-time job @Webhelp. I started as a Customer Advisor in the fascinating field of Retail, went to a full-time program and took advantage of all the opportunities. Therefore, I have gone through a variety of functions: Trainer, Team Leader, Quality Controller.Today, I am Financial Controller. The current job gives me the opportunity to put all my operational expertise in the service of my team. If you like challenges and want to evolve, at Webhelp you can turn a job started in college into a great career!

    Aurelia Ion

  • Success stories

    They have all started as Customer Advisors !

    I began my adventure at Webhelp in 2009, as Sales Advisor. Currently, I manage the Local Market devision, actively contributing to its development. Besides Webhelp being a reference player on the Outsourcing market at a multinational level, the company is a true Academy. Here, one has the chance to learn from the best professionals, develop and build a very competitive career path. If you are dynamic, eager to learn new things every day and develop within a successful company, join us! We'd love to have you in our team!

    Cosmin Dogariu

  • Success stories

    They have all started as Customer Advisors !

    Webhelp works as an academy of training that helps us evolve professionally. Since 2011, I have passed through all the stages,from Customer Advisor to  Project Manager. Currently, I manage 4 project teams. The most important thing in my work is delaing with emotions - it is a challange that motivates me on a daily basis and allows me to improve continuously. If you dream of a similar professional career, join our team and benefit from our constant support to evolve !

    Andra Jipa

  • Success stories

    They have all started as Customer Advisors !

    After 2 years as a Customer Advisor, I have been promoted on a Reporting function, and later I advanced as a Reporting Responsible. The challlanges I encountered in my daily work have helped me enrich my professional backround. After many trainings and being involved in complex projects, I am now Head of IT Application Development at Webhelp Romania, all of this in 11 years. If you are ambitious and passionate about what you are doing, you will surely find your place with us!

    Oana Tanase

  • Success stories

    They have all started as Customer Advisors !

    I remember that in 2008 I didn't want to attend my first planned Webhelp interview. I'm glad I changed my mind that day. Some very beautiful years fallowed within the company, and the promotion possibilities apppeared about every two years. I have evolved from Customer Advisor to Operations Manager Travel, thanks to the continuous training during my 9 years of activity. I met colleagues who influenced both my career and my life, friends I appreciate and respect. At Webhelp, there are new challanges every day, we have the opportunity to lounch new projects, to increase our knowledge and develop both professionally and personally. 

    Patricia Damaș

Talent Management


At Webhelp, each employee is an actor in their professional development. A Talent Management system was set in motion. This allows us to anticipate tomorrow’s needs of tomorrow and develop potentials.


In order to guide you through the development of this potential, various measures are implemented : coaching, challenges, participation in multifunctional missions in the center of the function of the employee or mobility.


Webhelp also has a national and international mobility policy. This allows us to offer our employees perspectives so that they can enter a long-term professional career.

Webhelp's Benefits

Do you count on your involvement and your results to evolve? So do we!

HIGH-POTENTIAL: We recognize the talented collaborators

Our Talent Management System has been set up to detect people of high-potential. These people are coached to become the "STARS" of tomorrow. As a high flyer in our business, you’ll be mentored to become a master of communication. This will happen through a series of personalized support tools and development opportunities.

The Assessment Center:

To ensure we have a reliable and trustworthy process of evolution, we have implemented a transparent system with multiple assessors: this avoids any kind of casting errors/mistakes and makes sure we select the right collaborators, those who really deserve the promotions.


The assessment is based on scenarios that allow the assessor to observe the real potential of the candidate, contrary to what he can see in a simple interview.


It is carried out by several evaluators, from different backgrounds: management committee, HR, manager or site manager, production, etc., in order to give a cross-look on the promotion process.


It is a multi-evaluation system: candidates are evaluated in many exercises, using a variety of assessment tools.

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