At Webhelp, we live respecting everyone’s diversity, learning from each other’s cultures and looking after our environment, challenging ourselves everyday to be better to our people and our communities.

Building a more responsible
company together

Respect towards the environment
Respect towards
the environment

We respect people and nature: we act to limit the impact on the environment.

Respect and availability for everyone: your voice counts !
Respect and availability
for everyone:
your voice counts !

To make yourself heard at Webhelp, there are multiple ways: annual employee satisfaction survey, periodic meetings with Human Resources Managers and the Management team etc ...

Equal opportunities: promoting diversity
Equal opportunities:
promoting diversity

We are attentive to create the best working conditions, whatever the circumstances of each: to promote the work of students and parents, we offer a flexible program, to allow a person with disabilities to work at home, we offer the necessary adjustments. We are fighting against discrimination, and we are proud of it !

Selective with our partners
Selective with
our partners

We work with partners who share our vision of a responsible company.

Equity and meritocracy
Equity and meritocracy

To grow in the company, we are unforgiving with favoritism and promote fairness: we assess performance and behavior in the most objective and transparent way. Our assessment centers ensure that those who deserve, have the opportunity to evolve.


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