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​Webhelp SHARED supports the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation in 2020

Every year, approximately 4,000 young adults aged from 18 to 27 leave the child protection system without being prepared for an independent life or having very limited social skills
Unprepared and left alone after a life spent in the child protection system, they are unable to cope with everyday tasks. They have poorly developed communication skills, low self-esteem, behavioral and attitude problems. They face difficulties in forming meaningful relationships and risk being exploited because they are vulnerable.
Between 2018-2019, Webhelp Romania and SHARED Foundation, supported the socio-professional integration program developed and carried out by Hope and Homes for Children Romania, in which 15 young adults were helped to reach an autonomous lifestyle and to leave the state protection system. Within this program, they are helped to develop independent living skills through counseling and material support, they are given the basis of integration in the labor market through counseling, mediation and recommendations and they are provided accomodation, with the involvement of local authorities.
Due to the results recorded last year, Webhelp Romania decided to continue its involvement in the program in 2020 and to offer a sponsorship worth € 14,000, aimed at helping another 7 young adults.
One of the beneficiaries of the 2020 program is Sever Tudor, a young man who lost his mother when he was 15 and has lived in state care for 7 years. At the age of 22, in 2016, Sever left the child protection program and now has a job job and lives in a small flat that the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation helped him setting up.
A graduate of the “Nicolae Kretzulescu” School of Business in Bucharest, the young man is passionate about numbers and wants to study accounting, but the courses cost more than he can afford from his salary. To be able to continue his studies with a series of accounting courses, Sever needs financial support and a laptop of a higher performance.
Social responsibility is a major component of Webhelp’s strategy. Webhelp Romania, together with Webhelp SHARED is actively involved in the lives of the communities in which we are present. The socio-professional integration program is just one of the actions through which we set out to contribute to improving the social framework in Romania.
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