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Webhelp Culture

We are passionate about what we do and it shows

At Webhelp, we live respecting everyone’s diversity, learning from each other’s cultures and looking after our environment, challenging ourselves everyday to be better to our people and our communities.

Building a more responsible
company together

Respect towards the environment
Respect towards
the environment

We respect people and nature: we act to limit the impact on the environment.

Respect and availability for everyone:
your voice counts !
Respect and availability
for everyone: your voice counts !

To make yourself heard at Webhelp, there are multiple ways: annual employee satisfaction survey, periodic meetings with Human Resources Managers and the Management team etc ...

Equal opportunities: promoting diversity
Equal opportunities:
promoting diversity

We are attentive to create the best working conditions, whatever the circumstances of each: to promote the work of students and parents, we offer a flexible program, to allow a person with disabilities to work at home, we offer the necessary adjustments. We are fighting against discrimination, and we are proud of it !

Selective with our partners
Selective with
our partners

We work with partners who share our vision of a responsible company.

Equity and meritocracy
Equity and meritocracy

To grow in the company, we are unforgiving with favoritism and promote fairness: we assess performance and behavior in the most objective and transparent way. Our assessment centers ensure that those who deserve, have the opportunity to evolve.