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Webhelp University

To ensure the acquisition of skills
throughout your career

Our corporate university, the "Webhelp University" will help you develop in terms of knowledge, know-how and know-to.

Training at all stages of your career :

Stage 1

Initial training

A training course to discover the world of Webhelp and the craft: first points of cues and a smooth induction.

Stage 2

Business training

A training course to know and understand how to properly accomplish one's mission.

Stage 3

Continuous training

A training course to deepen your business knowledge
and guide your career according to your desires.

La formation, ça n’a pas besoin d’être rébarbatif !
Parce que nous en sommes convaincus, nous cherchons des solutions ludiques et modernes.
Par exemple, pour apprendre à être un bon manager de terrain, tu pourras t'essayer à notre jeu de plateau, le serious game « Lead the Way »

Formation à la carte

De nombreuses formations adaptées sont déployées aux Conseillers clients pour leur permettre d’offrir le meilleur de la relation client.

A catalog with more than
130 training modules


of our annual payroll is invested in training

Training of managers

A cycle of trainings to deepen and develop the key competences to exercise the position of manager.

Training à la carte

Many customized trainings are deployed for the Customer Advisors to enable them to offer the best of Customer Relationship. 

  A playful training, in Blended Learning format and at the forefront of technology:

Class Training
You will be welcomed in the classroom by charismatic trainers who are experts in their field of activity or in generic skills training - communication, time management, leadership, persuasion techniques, negotiation or sale. You learn first-hand by innovative methods and by ludification and you reinforce your achievements by following short and interactive e-learning modules.

Come play with us on board games as well as on online games. Whether you're enrolling in Monopoly, running the Marathon of Beauty or going on the footsteps of the kings of France, each experience will allow you to get to know your team better and improve your professional performance. To learn how to be a good manager, you will be able to try our board game, the Serious Game "Lead the Way".

E-Learning enables individuals to acquire knowledge at their own pace. Upstream of a face-to-face session, it allows to prepare for it, where the knowledge acquired will be transformed into know-how.